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The Black Scholar Social Justice Handbook Collection # 3 is now available!

We would like to share a message from Prof. Stephanie Batiste, Director of UCSB’s Hemispheric South/s Research Initiative, on the occasion of the publication of The Black Scholar Social Justice Handbook Collection # 3.

“I believe this series impresses upon us the urgency to stay vigilant and to hold ourselves and our representatives accountable for substantive change in answer to histories of anti-Black, race-based, and gendered injustice. Perhaps this is even more so under an elected Presidency and endless institutional vows promising action in dismantling structural racism. Histories of analysis and activism, of effort, change and failure to change remain instructive in various ways to our times. As we gather virtually, in the streets, accrue votes together in the polls, and gather in spirit, we insist on and pursue just change towards equality of safety, survival, and opportunity.”

Indeed, the third and last bundle of this Social Justice Handbook has just been published. This and the two previous installments make available, free of any charge or paywall, a series of articles from The Black Scholar and include introductions by Dr. Batiste and a group of doctoral students from UCSB’s English Department.

We are proud to have been part of this constructive, inspiring and healing project and encourage you to consult these texts and share widely.

  • Collection 1: “Rehearse, Resist, Riot, Repeat: Policing Through Time,” co-authored by Sage Gerson, Taylor Holmes, and Nirvana Shahriar
  • Collection 2: “Imagining a Global Resistance” co-authored by Maria Sintura, Jamiee Cook, Maile Young.
  • Collection 3: “Creating another World: Gathering(s) Against Injustice” co-authored by Nadia Ahmed, Anita Raychawdhuri, Erick Rodriguez, Maite Urcaregui.

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